About me and this blog

My grandmother was a seamstress when she lived in Tchekoslovakia back then. Then later, when we knew her, she always owned this old pedal-operated Singer sewing machine. I was so impressed by this whole business but she never wanted to teach me, said I should learn on a modern sewing machine.
Then one day, years after she passed away, I got myself a Singer sewing machine - a "modern" one, as she would say.  And I started teaching myself, as she was not there to teach me anymore. This was about a year ago.
And since then, I have gotten quite into it, although I find I lack time... I am so impressed by these bloggers who manage to publish something almost everyday - how do they do it?
One thing leading to another, I started enjoying all sorts of creative activities.  I try to communicate this interest to my two small children so we spend quite a bit of time drawing, painting, gluing, sticking etc.
This blog started of as being a sewing blog but it will now also feature children-friendly crafts.
I hope you enjoy it!!

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